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Menu Personalizer® app features real-time accurate menu and ingredient information from our Partner Restaurants and published information from restaurants in the public domain.

We have you covered from coast-to-coast!


Discover Vegan choices at restaurants that you may perceive to be ‘mostly meat-based’. Yes, veganism is a growing market segment and restaurants are going the extra-mile to accommodate vegans.


Discover Vegetarian choices and customize to your needs based on ingredients. Most restaurants offer meatless options that can be substituted to build vegetarian alternatives. Go beyond a basic salad as your only ‘go-to’ option as a vegetarian.


Find out which food items may be safe if you have a gluten intolerance. View regular menu offerings and see how they can be modified by the restaurant to accommodate your gluten intolerance.

Food Allergies

Interactively find out which food items may be safe given your specific food-allergies. Suitable items are defined as those that do not contain your specific allergenic-ingredients including aliases and food derivatives. Personalize your options by substituting unacceptable items with acceptable choices given your unique set of allergens. No more allergen-grids to view!

Coming-up new features:

Personalization based on nutritional criteria-

Healthy for You options based on clean ingredients. Low-fat, low calories, low sodium may not be good enough for you if your food is full of artificial ingredients and chemicals. Healthy food needs to be re-defined!

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